Christin Müller
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Saturday, 27 November 2021 – Sunday, 23 January 2022
Hosen haben Röcke an
Künstlerinnengruppe Erfurt 1984-1994 (Preview)

Founded in 1984, the women’s collective »Künstlerinnengruppe Erfurt« (Erfurt Women Artists’ Group) pursued a radical, artistic alternative to everyday life in East Germany. Their Super-8 films, photographs, performances, fashion-object shows, manifestos and sound experiments were based on concepts of female self-empowerment, grassroots democracy and social critique. This comprehensive exhibition, the first of its kind, presents original materials and costumes from the archives of the group around Gabriele Stötzer. The focus is not solely on historical contexts, but also on the current relevance of the group’s approach based on solidarity and fearless creative action.

Curated by Susanne Altmann, Kata Krasznahorkai, Christin Müller, Franziska Schmidt, Sonia Voss

Place of exhibition
nGbK Berlin
with works by
Monika Andres, Tely Büchner, Elke Carl✝, Monique Förster, Gabriele Göbel, Ina Heyner, Verena Kyselka, Claudia Morca Bogenhardt, Bettina Neumann, Ingrid Plöttner✝, Marlise Schmidt, Gabriele Stötzer, Harriet Wollert